Sunday, December 28, 2008

Merry Christmas & a Wonderful New Year 2009

Convocation Day 2008

Christmas at Dazzlers

meeting Santa

Little Santas waiting for BIG SANTA..........

Parents' comments

Mrs. Sinha is one of the most loving persons I know ...and at this age love is the most important component of education. On one side Dazzlers provides an all round education and the other gives attention to every child’s emotional needs and helps them to overcome all fears and insecurities.
Ms. Savita Bhutani, M/o Gauri
Art of Living Teacher
In the year 2005, I was looking for a school for my daughter, Vanavi. I had seen a few schools abroad and I really admired their methods of teaching with lots of fun, love and care they gave to the tiny ones. I found the same here at Dazzlers and I have never worried about my daughter ever since. Vanavi will never forget the values of life -equal respect to all religions, to be a good human being with love, care and compassion for all which she learnt at Dazzlers. Today she is a happy and a very confident child.
-Aneisha Sharma, M/o Vanavi
Film Maker

Inaugration of Art & Craft Exhibition 2008

Inaugration Art & Craft Exhibition 2008 by Mrs. Zakia Tarafdar,Principal, Art College,Guwahati

Appreciating Creative Wonders

Children's creations

food & fun...

happy hours picnicing....

Entertaining Clowns


Our very own mini Circus

Learning to cook!

Learning to make snacks...

Wednesday, September 24, 2008